Will a Generac Generator Work if the Power Grid Goes Out?

Will a Generac Generator Work if the Power Grid Goes Out?

Generac generators are designed to function seamlessly when the power grid goes out. Equipped with an automatic transfer switch, it can promptly detect an outage and start up the generator. With the right installation, your Generac generator will reliably operate during power grid failures.

Do Generac Generators Turn On and Off Automatically?

Generac Generators offer the convenience of automatic power. Equipped with an automatic transfer switch, they power on when an outage is detected and transfer the electrical load back to the power grid when it’s restored, automatically shutting down the generator. This seamless functionality ensures your comfort and convenience during power outages. 

How to Ensure Your Generac Generator is Always Ready When You Need It

To ensure your Generac Generator is always ready when you need it, it’s crucial to prioritize regular maintenance and keep extra fuel on hand. These two key factors are essential if you want your generator to be ready for usage at any given time. Scheduling yearly inspections and having extra fuel on hand are simple yet effective ways to fulfill this responsibility.

Generac Generators At K&B Energy 

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