How Do I Choose The Right Whole House Generator?

How Do I Choose The Right Whole House Generator?

To determine the correct wattage for your whole house generator, you must consider the appliances that will need power and add up their wattage. High-quality whole-house generators from leading manufacturers, such as Generac, can provide residents with long-lasting solutions for power outages and peace of mind. Generac PowerPro Premiere Authorized Dealers can provide reliable Generac home standby generator installations and help you determine the right generator.

Is a Whole House Generator Right For Me? 

Whole house generators can raise the value of your home and provide reliable, emergency power for the entire home. They typically require a higher upfront cost than less powerful generators but can offer savings in the future and keep the home comfortable and fully functioning during extended power outages. Whole house generators can increase the safety of residents in a home by eliminating the risk of heat exhaustion or hypothermia and keeping home medical devices running at all times. It can also keep security systems running and lights on to deter burglars.

Whole House Generator At K&B Energy 

If you need a whole house generator installation, repairs, or maintenance in Northville, MI, Canton, MI, Livonia, MI, or the surrounding areas, K&B Energy is a PowerPro Elite Plus Generac Dealer that provides 24-hour emergency service. We work with the top brands in the industry and do our best to provide the best service possible. We provide excellent customer service, have strong knowledge of Generac products, and maintain stock levels of products and repair parts. With over 20 years of experience, we offer quality solutions that are second to none. To learn more about us, call us at 734-666-0101 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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